6 thoughts on “Trump Says to Expect a “Surprise” in October”

  1. NMH,
    This is starting to get down right scary!
    The POTUS has a surprise in October, that he’s praising at lightening speed in which it’s coming to fruition.
    Praising mandatory vaccinations created under the guise of a worldwide pandemic/ annual flu.
    The best part is the military will be tasked with disbursing these vaccines.
    So we’re just going to roll up our sleeves & let them inject us with who knows what.
    First off where is data showing studies done on these vaccines.
    Second big pharma isn’t liable if you have an adverse effect or die. So that incentive for safety is non existent.
    What’s in these vaccines that every one of us needs to be injected with?
    Why the sense of urgency, people aren’t dying like we’re dealing with the plague.
    Lastly, if a HUGE RED FLAG 🚩 isn’t waving frantically in everyone’s face,
    then start waving goodbye! ✌❤

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve yet to know of just ONE individual that has passed from this season flu #Plandemic or even sick for that matter. They want direct access to our bloodstream and it won’t end well.


      1. I with you. I asked everyone I know and told them to check with everyone they know if 1. Anyone you know been sick of the Election Affection flu? 2. Anyone test positive to it? 3. Know anyone died directly of it? And I have been asking since March. Only one person that a friend of a friend tested positive and didn’t get sick or die. With the accuracy of those test that one is in doubt also.


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