Why Isn’t the Pandemic Surging in Africa?

The outbreak has infected more than 26.35 million people, with just four countries accounting for over 15 million cases. They are the United States, Brazil, India and Russia — the same four that have been at the top for months. The US surprised the world when it rose to the top spot in multiple statistics, both for the total number of confirmed cases and the number of deaths. Since then, no other country has surpassed America.

3 thoughts on “Why Isn’t the Pandemic Surging in Africa?”

  1. Quinine is a natural antibiotic, antiviral used by South American natives for thousands of years, stabilized as Chloroquine in 1935 and as Hydrochloroquine in 1945. HCQ is over the counter in Mexico, South and Central America, all of Africa and the Far East. With no infections, there is no pandemic. NWO Plan B > attack food supply with Brucellosis, use crooked SB4453 to monopolize food chain, as Ice Age Farmer explains >


  2. I agree somewhat with the first commenter but I also think it’s strange how the “homeless” are not being devastated. Could it be we are all TOO clean? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


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