2 thoughts on “If Someone Had Warned Me Three Years Ago …”

  1. I agree for the most part, your right about wondering what’s really going on..why has Trump done nothing to get rid of these pieces of garbage..I listened to General Blacks speech to day on Amazing Polly YouTube, we have retired and fired generals threatening to do a coup on President Trump openly and no one does nothing to arrest them ?
    I have been trying to work through this for at least two years, can he do anything..will vaccine’s be forced on us, why the hurry with all this coup talk ? What’s four more years for this new world order take down of humanity, something’s not making sense, they openly admitted today , oh don’t worry we can print all the Money we need.
    None of this makes any sense, a fake pandemic, the medical community and government supports, the media lying 24\7, millions of American’s suffering, 50 days to a election with a open letter stating it will be a coup and Pelosi our next president by January 20th..oh I am in some kind of bad dream..or have I died and this is my hell ?
    Sorry…you hit on what I too can’t rationalize… But Trump supporters can..no matter what he has a plan !
    Well..there is no one else to vote for, and these communist democrats know he has already won no matter what they say or do..! Which is funny if you can put aside all else that’s going on..he is the winner !


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