Ivanka Trump Offers to Take the Injection on “The View”

During a Labor Day press conference at the White House, the President touted his administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” program, a public-private partnership that he announced in May. He stated an injection could be delivered by October, saying it would be “very safe and effective.” 

The View co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday reacted to President Trump’s recent claims that a roll-up-your-sleever could be ready soon. Behar stated that President Trump will push anything to get reelected and that she won’t take the injection until Ivanka Trump does.

Ivanka Trump’s Twitter Feed

8 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump Offers to Take the Injection on “The View””

  1. I just watched a report on the UK government putting together a new health bill that would allow Joe down the street or teachers in the first grade, anyone really to get the vaccine’s out to Everyone quickly.. And all will have annuity from law suits, this says a couple of things, they must roll these vaccine’s out Before the side effects show up, and something very suspicious is in these vaccine’s to begin with.
    If the presidents daughter gets a vaccine you can be darn sure its Not the vaccine you or I would be getting.
    Something very creepy is in these vaccine’s… Something they must get into Everyone, but themselves of course.

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  2. How do we know it’s not a saline solution, or meth, or coke..asking for a friend. I don’t even trust myself. This whole covid masking locking down package is the old 1950’s experiment.. if you could get only 25 percent of the populace to put down the wrong answer the other 75 percent would follow for fear of being ostracized from the group of humans? or whatever group. This is a survival benefit that is almost if not 100% inherent ie the lone wolf who didn’t agree with the clan was thrown out of the cave and soon eaten by the saber tooth tiger..so to remain out of the tigers food chain the person would agree even if they knew the answer was wrong; and as an offshoot the only genes passed on were the type that would cave in and put down the wrong answer. Still very powerful today; it works. And most people being unaware of the inherent aspect never see it coming and thereby for them .. there is no defense… shame on these communists for using our values against us..only one way to stop them.. turn them against themselves ie Stalinize them..rid of them once and for all..if not..someone will again start to believe in the Great Lie of central power..hey is that what we got now..or soon will have? It’s up to the everyday American to make the choice my ol’ daddy told me many times and many years ago..he said in a voice belonging to Caesar, ie you didnt have to like it but you knew it was the truth, “Son, every man, woman, girl, and boy will have to chose for themselves would they rather live on their knees or do they value their freedoms, their rights, and their liberties more than life, not their freedoms but the freedom of their children and theirs.” WETHEPEOPLE,SOVEREIGN. Gather and prepare.


  3. Where is the evidence on this so called vaccine working? Working towards what? Your red blood cell count? What exactly is this curing. Covid 19 is nothing more than 5g space based radiation attacks from chemtrail spraying. It will more than likely a placebo that she will inject. We don’t know. We don’t know. She could be accepting distilled water into her system. This is why Targeted individuals must speak. It seems like this so called thing is a medical tyranny and an attack on the human consciousness. It is all about space and money and cybernetics because they want their robot world to exist from DARPA. It is all made up by the askenazi jews. Money behind it all. They are already on mars and want test subjects for Mars.

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  4. This just bought the entire vaccine agenda to a whole new level.
    Thanks Nancy for your excellent journalism and your narrators notes — which I couldn’t agree with more!
    Even a PRO-VAXXER should have the hairs on their neck standing up by now.


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