Get Out Now!

By now most of you have seen the September 16, 2020 FOX News’ Outnumbered interview of former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. The discussion centered around the destruction left in the wake of recent riots in liberal strong-holds across the country.

John Nichols’ Twitter Feed

Full Carlson/West Exchange

6 thoughts on “Get Out Now!”

  1. That’s right, that was the “creepiest” moment in all of news history!

    When Newt is no longer allowed to tell the truth, then as far as I’m concern. It over!

    I am as awaken as I need to be.

    I am only glad I have good company with me.


  2. Get out and go where, Nancy? There’s no other country I can see that hasn’t gone at least as far left as we have. I’m not going to South America. Once the SHTF, any gringo south of the US border will be a target. I’m not going to Canada. They’re already socialist. Any country in Europe worth considering won’t let people emigrate there, the rest are socialist nightmares. Africa is a non-starter, as is Asia. Australia is a sitting duck for China. Where would you go?


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