Indisputable Facts

None of the state-imposed restrictions can be sustained without the trillions of dollars in federal government “stimulus” & support. And none of that can happen without President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration. Those are the facts. Why has President Trump lifted the National Emergency Declaration?

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4 thoughts on “Indisputable Facts”

  1. All damn good questions,… Trump has had some huge gap of commonsense from the very beginning. Thank you for making us mindful again of a few.

    He has the power, he just doesn’t use it.

    Is it stupidity or corruption that keeps him stalled out,… whatever it is, it not effective!


  2. F.Y.I. The U.S., Inc. aka Our Municipal Government located in Washington D.C. is owned & controlled by the Pope & Vatican Curia. In conjunction with the British Queen acting as overseer of the U.S. Territorial Government BOTH are BANKRUPT. Both of these FEDERAL SERVICE PROVIDER’S functions & the services they formerly provided are now in the hands of bankruptcy trustees appointed by treaty & both corporations are in RECEIVERSHIP. This blocks any & all access to American funds & credit. That is why Congress as EMPLOYEES of the U.S., Inc. Municipal Corporation cannot & will not approve any further stimulus.

    The municipal & territorial “governments” were subcontracted to provide the 19 essential services required in our original constitution. Bankruptcy voids corporate charters based on International Law. We are left with nothing more than a crime syndicate attempting a coupe to overthrow the U.S. government.


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