Careful What You Wish For!

On September 26, 2020, President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to succeed the late Judge Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court.

If President Trump’s previous cabinet appointments and Supreme Court nominations have taught us anything, it’s that he selects the Swamp.

Barrett Ruling

Barrett Ruling

Barnes’ Twitter Feed

5 thoughts on “Careful What You Wish For!”

  1. Amy (Conperson) Barrett has the “catholic” perspective on immigration, Second Amendment and the death penalty (go easy on traitors)

    “Uses of Jacobson vs Massachusetts in the Age of Bioterrorism” > JAMAnetwork(.)com > the medically ignorant court in 1905 found that the state could punish Jacobson with a fine for refusing to be VOODOO JABBED, but did not force him to be vaccinated, as CDC, FDA, H&HS, MSM falsely assert.

    “Right To Try Voodoo” > principia-scientific(.)org > medical mafia history


  2. I agree, she was picked three years ago, Trump made a deal. This Jacobson case was over his refusal to pay a 5.00 fee…not over anything else. How any judge can even site this case is just hubris.
    She will slap down the preexisting conditions Trump has been playing with and can’t do.
    The vaccines is what I am waiting to see what Trump does, although watching the thousands line up for Swine Flu vaccine’s was shocking to me, and many died, many paralyzed and so much more, I do not allow my pets to be vaccinated but for puppy shots, cancer and diabeetus, seizures etc up 100% in all animals.
    I wonder when people are going to get off facebook, turn in their cable box and start researching what the real stories are in health and vaccine’s !


  3. Reading Barnes twitter feed looks a like he needs a hanky. What a little whiner. Im not impressed with your evidence-you demand perfection. Realists know that if we dont get a Conservative on SCOTUS before Nov 3, there will be nothing left. While I appreciate your effort here, clearly you missed the big picture of her nomination.


    1. I would encourage you to access the links to Barrett’s rulings under the article. She has proven herself to be in favor of authoritarianism, with forced vaccination not being the least troubling of her recent rulings. She is not a conservative, unless one’s definition of conservative is government over-reach with a shot of Warp-Speed vaccine on the side, whether one wants to be inoculated or not.


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