6 thoughts on “‘Please, Don’t Pardon Flynn’”

  1. Sullivan SLAP & SEAL > torture Flynn until PDJT is forced to pardon, then claim pardon as “proof” of guilt, taint any future Flynn appointment and SEAL all records of DOJ and FBI criminal misconduct. File OFFICIAL OPPRESSION charges on this kangaroo court clown judge.


    1. I learned something from your post about the records being bound if the pardon takes place. Thank you.

      Exactly! The ruling against Flynn must be played out fully on its own merits. No shortcuts, pardons or anything else.

      It’s time! The foolishness must be meet with unconditional “legal maturity”, there’s no room for any exceptions!

      No more political games sharrading around as a Judge.

      Flynn was either step up illegally and he deserves complete exoneration or he is guilty.


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