Sell Your Garbage Somewhere Else

A well known journalist with over 90,000 followers on Twitter, recently posted an extended thread, the gist of which is has to do with Trump supporters that consider themselves journalists that provide alternative news and their betrayal of the President and his base, over and over again.

4 thoughts on “Sell Your Garbage Somewhere Else”

  1. Agree ! .. good grief , I’ve tried to give Trump a chance , and not give in to the unmitigated / unjustifiable HATE of those inflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome .. but , when the ol’ boy says “we are going to use the U.S. Military to “deliver” the vaccine in a POWERFUL way” .. nOpe .. nOpe! .. that was the deal breaker .. Homey Dont Play Dat ………… and loOks like Trump’s good buddy > the PM in the UK > “BoJo” is going to use the British military in the same exact way to deliver the Toxic Shock vaccine


    1. HOW is Trump (when he wins a 2nd term and is finally able to do something , according to his faithful followers..) going to bring BACK all those small businesses which completely collapsed during the CovidHOAX “National Emergency” he declared , and has yet to Rescind ?? … HOW is Trump going to Resurrect ALL the dead people who have committed SUICIDE due to losing everything they ever worked for , and succumbed to the depression of it all ?? .. Even in the small town I’m in here in central N.Carolina has seen many suicides over the Covid Shutdown’s negative impact on their lives .. My 6th grade teacher’s 60 year old son just blew his brains out two Saturdays ago , because he LOST everything …………………………….


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