Where is the President?

Where is the President of the United States? That’s the $500,000 question.

Official reports tell us the Commander in Chief is currently undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland. According to reports, the President was admitted to Walter Reed late Friday afternoon after testing positive.

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Originally tweeted by Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on October 3, 2020.

5 thoughts on “Where is the President?”

  1. What are they up to now?
    More shenanigans & BS while Pelosi is just waiting to manipulate her way into becoming President Pelosi!
    I’ll be surprised if an election ends up taking place at all. ✌

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  2. Looks like you got this one Wrong.

    Trump Surprises Supporters Gathered at Walter Reed in an SUV Drive-by
    A car with US President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda,

    President Donald Trump surprised supporters on Sunday by taking a slow drive-by in an SUV past the crowd showing support for him as he is treated for the coronavirus at Walter Reed hospital.


  3. Well, Nancy – this is “Red October” and he’s staying safe while operations are going on. It’s been forecasted for a few weeks – the events behind the scenes. So, I’m guessing the Covid is a good place to hide behind. If you look at other top-ranking REPs – they just got Covid also. They just happen to be involved in the corruption hearings, witnesses, etc. of this long-awaited “round-up”. The safest place Trump can be is on Air Force 1, correct? May explain the “movement” in the video (or a hand-held camera, or both). These dates have been known for a couple of years now. Even though you don’t follow “Q” posts – you would have had the answers to a lot by now. We were prepared for it.

    Pence did not get the Covid – but Pence is not a valued “team member”, given his past as Gov of IN and involvement with the CIA in child trafficking. It’s also been mentioned quite a bit lately, that JFK Jr. is alive and will be Trump’s running mate – maybe an appearance around Oct 17-20 – we’ll see if that’s so. Not everything is a conspiracy – you may not like Trump, but given the opposition….at least he appears to be trying to save America.

    If something changes – well, we’ll have to wait and see. Now, stop being a conspiracist, and don’t use Gematria to make something fit what you want it to fit….picking the hospital name as something relevant. You must have run letters 1,000 times to find something nefarious. You don’t think the hospital is the AntiChrist, (the numbers are the name of a man) do you? C’mon….play fair.

    You’re an interesting reporter – let’s get back on track.


    1. I didn’t run the letters.
      The info was forwarded to me. I checked to make certain it was correct and reported it.
      I don’t have time to play around with Gematria calculators, to make something “fit”.
      Thanks for your interest.



  4. Hi Nancy;
    I think the motion you are observing rests solely on the camera. In this Pro setting it would be on a tripod so there would be no motion, which there should not be any.
    Otherwise if the camera were handheld there would be so much more motion than there is displayed.
    The camera has settings to give a motion effect. They use it during his speeches. It drives me nuts.


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