5 thoughts on “‘100’s of Thousands of U.S. Troops in a Matter of Days’”

  1. American Medical Association ~ founded in 1847

    Serving the medical mafia monopoly for 173 years,
    if you believe them, I got some….

    “WuFlu Bat Stew News for You” > principia-scientific(.)org


  2. This is potus second time referencing
    the military & there new role as a delivery service.
    As far as the vaccine that is.
    Never thought I’d see the day when I’d get a knock at the door & find two Navy Seals standing there. Only to find out they’ve personally delivered my COVID-19 vaccine.
    I certainly hope this isn’t going to be the case.
    Although with the coming election & the lefts shenanigans a military presence under the guise of distribution (cough,cough) might not be a bad idea.


  3. Wethinks Trump is speaking here while possibly experiencing “Steroid Euphoria” .. and , What Trump didn’t tell you in this speech is that he is taking Dexamethasone . . .
    “Dexamethasone is known to have mental health side effects. It can cause psychosis. It can cause delirium. It can cause mania,” Megan Ranney, MD, an emergency medicine doctor at Brown University, told CNN on Sunday evening.”


    1. And you believe that b.s.? He’s probably just high from it, you know how after you take prednisone, you can clean your house for hours.


  4. Do you suppose it’s a takeover by Pence? Some commenter just posted on YT that Trump would be gone by Monday, and Pence will take over. Remember at the State of the Union?


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