“BREAKING NEWS”: The Goods on Clinton, Brennan and Obama

As if the American people don’t have enough trash and disinformation to navigate through. Several hours ago, I was made aware of the latest in a long line of disinformation reports.

7 thoughts on ““BREAKING NEWS”: The Goods on Clinton, Brennan and Obama”

  1. “Obombie, Reptillary & Hiden Biden on Benghazi, OBL & SEAL 6” > reported by NextNewsNetwork and others. Report is consistent with known facts. See shocking interview with father of Tyrone Woods on delivery of his body to Andrews AFB. Obombie was “busy” that day, sent VP, who made disgusting comment to the grieving parents.


  2. It’s probably a scam created by the Deep-state that they all they have a commentary narrative conclusion already scripted in their favor.


  3. Hello Nancy. I saw that video, but I can’t remember where ? Is it possible for you to leave a link to this video you are talking about in your latest HWAV? Greatly appreciated. Respect from 🇨🇦


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