3 thoughts on “Johnson & Johnson Puts Brakes on Clinical Trial”

  1. AstraZeneca halted their WarpSpeed voodoo toxin last month. Today Eli Lilly halted their monoclonal antibody treatment, similar to Regeneron voodoo that PDJT got at Walter Reed.

    Notice to Orange Man: humanity does not need Yinon Plan, Noahide Laws, a third temple, a messiah for the few, or big pharma mandatory voodoo vaccinations.



  2. This is not a pandemic…this is Logan’s Run…systematic extermination of those who are useless to the parasitic elite.
    Calling a virus that has infected just 10% of us in over six months is absurd…these guys are shooting with a riffle…
    btw…if CV19 actually were “airborne” the number of dead would need ten figures to express, nevermind the infected.


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