6 thoughts on “Disengage and Prepare”

  1. Nancy, so true… those of us who have ears to hear & eyes to see ‘know’ what’s coming. It’s time for us to get our shit in order. It’s coming @ us from all sides…. they’re ALL corrupt. So freakin sad, and it’s on ‘our watch’…….


  2. You haven’t failed us. You’ve done your best. Satan and his minions are just that smart, and they’ve been doing this for a very long time. The horror of what must be done to survive what is coming is too great for most people to consider, let alone plan for.
    I like your reference to “metal protectors”: very slick to avoid YouTubes algorithms. Yes I’ve done so and have 800+ metal “bees” on hand.
    I’m more interested in Our Lord’s admonition about what to do when we see the “abomination” spoken of by the prophet Daniel. Yes, we should be like the wise virgins and have “oil for our lamps”, but what do we do when we see them force people to come have their temple invaded by the man of perdition and his mark?
    FLEE TO THE WILDERNESS! “Let him who is on the housetop not go inside to get his things.” THAT is what we must prepare for.
    A basement full of a 3-1/2 year food supply will do us no good when they come for us. Nor will we be able to shoot it out with them. We’ll just wind up being another news story about “those religious fanatics who won’t cooperate and are foolishly risking everybody’s health by not getting the vaccine.”


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