What’s Worse than a Disaster for the American People?

Dr. Fauci tells CNN that it would be a “great idea” to have a national mask mandate if people refuse to wear them

Originally tweeted by Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) on October 24, 2020.


‘Fauci is a Disaster’

3 thoughts on “What’s Worse than a Disaster for the American People?”

  1. A. fauci is obviously a jesuit imo . In 2008 he coauthored a paper on the 1918 spanish flu and how the second and much worse mortality rate was a result of people wearing masks . The killer was bacterial pneumonia which was a direct result from the masks . He in march told people to stop wearing masks , he is a sociopath truly mentally ill .

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  2. The problem with your narrative is that if Trump thinks it will not be good for his campaign then he is thinking it will not be good for all of his supporters. I am not sure if you are one of them although I follow you as if you are but I do not think you look at any bigger picture than you have room for on your monitor.
    During WWII the average folk endured much more sacrifice and discomfort than masks and social distancing. So SUCK IT UP! Put out a message that inspires not WHINING!
    Sorry to say I am thinking you as more of a whiner lately.

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