Satan Reveals His Method for Our Destruction

The elites always tell us what they are doing – this is called Revelation of the Method. From their point of view, if you’re too dense to recognize the revelation of their methods for your destruction, made public through the mainstream media and the entertainment industry, for example, that’s your problem. Consider it a form of ritual mocking.

One thought on “Satan Reveals His Method for Our Destruction”

  1. This is their agenda for 2030, in my opinion we don’t have until 2030!
    The statement “A billion will be displaced due to climate change.”
    This is the only one out of the eight that I would be concerned about right now.
    A billion people will be displaced, where?
    No where! Their meaning of displaced is death.
    Climate change is what they choose to refer to it as.
    Whatever floats their boat!
    Climate change, magnetic pole shift, plasma event are ultimately one event.
    That will be worldwide & catastrophic.
    This isn’t anything new it’s happened many times before. It just didn’t make it into our history books.
    They say it happens every 12,000 years, I have reason to believe every 350-400yrs.
    There’s proof of this worldwide. Notice many older buildings have windows at street level. New York, Boston you see a lot of this in apartments & brownstones. Why small windows at street level because there’s a level below that’s been buried. Many first levels are used as apartments.
    Like in the old Laverne & Shirley show. From the street they went down a level of stairs which has a door & windows.
    These weren’t designed as basements those are the original first levels of the building.
    Many of the older buildings first levels are buried. So what happened that caused buildings to be buried one & two levels below the street?
    It was an event that I believe is getting ready to repeat itself but will be much worse.
    Somethings coming folks, they’ve been building safe places high up in mountains & deep below the ground.
    I want to add one thing archeologists have found massive underground caves all over the world. Caves that were used as living quarters by previous cultures. I believe they new of the coming events by the behavior of the Sun.
    Everything else is a distraction from the coming event. Imo
    What’s happening now doesn’t make sense. It’s as though the collective government have all lost their minds.
    What normal person with common sense thinks this -V- is life threatening enough to force economic suicide, cutting of socializing of individuals, aggressively testing everyone looking for cases to report. That aren’t accurate anyway & show false positives.
    So they report thousands of new cases to keep the fear factor present. Mind you they’re not reporting deaths because people aren’t dying! It’s a 99% recovery 97% for seniors because many have underlying conditions.
    Fear push right now is lockdown, election chaos, mandatory vaccinations & getting the deadly -V-.
    So what else is going on why we’re focused on this?
    Love your commentary, No BS! ✌❤


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