Either Way – We Lose

The 2020 Presidential election results remain undecided. No one knows for how long. It could take days to sort it out. It could take weeks. The Supreme Court may ultimately determine the results. No one knows.

3 thoughts on “Either Way – We Lose”

  1. Thank you for this clear and concise warning-bell, Nancy. I almost always share your “Headlines” and try for some “friendly persuasion” when out and about,mask-less. But i have met with little agreement – a little more, at least verbal agreement, from younger ones and some crazy-behavior hostility, mostly from seniors (like I am), who, it appears to me, are dyed-in-the-wool liberals (leftists since college and seem unable to see a now distinct “writing on the wall” due to the decades of that indoctrination. I don’t meet up with any true, well-reasoned objections to any of this, tho’ after so many months behind us now, the sound research is available and growing. Most folks do not have any fortitude or a will to even speak out – the aim of the masking, no doubt. You and others have done a lot of correct work/research to combat this evil and perhaps will be an opportunity to continue. However, the masses will always be the blind, led by the blind and both will fall into the ditch. From a sort-of podunkville area of the Pacific Northwest (south coast of Oregon).


  2. Hi Nancy Morgan Hart , I have to admit when I first saw your headline I was inclined to agree with you . However its evening now and I’ve calmed down . I think your being too “negative” because whatever we are it is “resilient” has to be included . For along time now beings of both genders and in between have tried to rule our country . Now they want to come door to door and impose their sick decisions on us . We will NOT comply ! They are trying to distract us with this election buffoonery while they get their show together imo . I will be ready also and I won’t be alone !


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