A Message from Your Masters

Hello everyone. Thanks for joining me. With the results of the U.S. Presidential election still up in the air, our focus has been cleverly manipulated away from a guaranteed second lock-down. How can I be so certain there will be a second lock-down? Because the lovely, all-knowing folks at the World Economic Forum say so. That’s good enough for me, and it should be for you too.

8 thoughts on “A Message from Your Masters”

  1. I sure wish you knew the real meaning behind “Climate Change”, that is one of the largest, biggest deceptions of all! It’s real name is “WEATHER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” that’s happening on a global scale that most people are oblivious of. People are being attacked daily with weather weapons and don’t even know or suspect that their being attacked by the NWO Globalists weather weapons! Trump knows because I use to write him letters about it when I knew he was going to become President and after he became President. I never received a response. I finally stopped writing. I’ve been researching this for 6 years almost non stop and look up at the sky first thing in the morning when I get up out of bed. I check for what is called
    If your interested or a need to know
    Geoengineering https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4796259/user-clip-cia-director-john-brennan-geo-engineering
    layman name for Geoengineering is “chemtrails” (one of the weather weapons in the tool box of weather weapons)




    1. Correct. There can be no legitimate discussion of climate change without inclusion of the single largest contributing activity which is the ongoing active global program of atmospheric interventions, “research” , weather modification, “mitigation”, etc, since roughly 2015 and prior. Being billed, btw, as a “proposed” program but in fact it has international buy-in and has been running without public acknowledgment to put it mildly.


  2. This another keeper, Nancy, thank you! This entire subject, of subjection, lends itself so well to sarcasm/irony, not to mention the chaos and humiliation of it all. People enthralled by their thraldom – deepening daily ( tho it really has been more acute – becoming chronic for over a hundred years in the UA of A). Just watched a short ytube by Nigel Farage who I once had respect for because of the stand he took at the ascent of the EU in the UK, he was part of Parliament back then and called that thraldom out for what it is, Communism. But this man’s homage to Trump would surely put him an entertaining-loving cult member . It was really over the top, in my opinion. I so wanted to call him out in the comments, but when I saw the drippy, molasses thick comments, I lost the fortitude. Someone else, please give it a try?! I would only thumbs-down it.


  3. There are a few apps on the play store that will measure your temperature…
    In order to use one you have to register and disclose all of your personal identity information.
    sounds like a story…hey?


  4. So what to do if your “electronic” devices continue to work . If you choose to stay with us thru thick or thin . . . most of us , and I’m at the front of the line , need to do some serious “spiritual” or “conscious awareness” work daily for the “curves” that get thrown our way imo . Otherwise for those that would rather not I would suggest a “hobby” that would take you so far away from electronic devices you would have no clue what was happening until it chose to tap you on the shoulder ?


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