People have been asking me for a solution to the Great Reset. For a strategy to make it all go away. They send me emails full of misplaced hostility and anger. They tell me I’m the voice of doom and gloom. That I never have anything positive to report.

6 thoughts on “TRUMP or BIDEN”

  1. Hi Nancy , thank you for putting into words what I have been thinking for awhile now . I’m beginning to think the whole political swamp incl. clean up is a distraction from the real overhead issues that have arrived . For months now I have kept my eyes peeled for the shaded planets or minature solar system planet X has been photographed with . Last week I saw the three major players and worse the atmosphere that because they are so close now mingles with ours . As I was watching the globe in front of me was out-gassing what looked cloud like yet very fragile in composition . I watched as this wisp of cloud decended in my vicinity apparently heavier than air . It was maybe 200 yds above and in front of me drifting slowly down . I could have stayed yet I felt I’d seen enough . One very large planet and two others much smaller yet still appearing to dwarf our Sun . Two things that make me believe what I’m seeing a YT channel “The Higher Truth Rises” had a video a month ago , it seems , and it was body counts for fish , animals , and birds for September I believe . I watched some of it then I stored it away it was too depressing . I went back to find it and istead ran across a video where “he” says many of his videos had been removed . One last proof since 2000 or prior “chem trails”.


  2. Nancy, you are one after my own heart. I was quite taken with your style of delivery after hearing one of your wry and dry reports a few weeks ago. This is as close as I have ever been to being a “fan.” You say more in five minutes than others say in hours. I note you have a taste for history. That is the key. As they say, “people who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.” Unfortunately they take those of us that do know along with them.

    I find few people that can distinguish between objective reporting and their emotional attachments, like so called “doom and gloom.” People have been laying the “doom and gloom” garbage on me for years. I tell them, “that is your emotional problem, not mine. I simply state the facts as I see them, sans emotional attachment. I am sorry you don’t like the way it sounds to your ear, but your feelings about the matter do not alter it in any way.”

    The fact is, preconceptions and emotions color one’s thinking, preventing one from perceiving reality as it actually is. That is a large part of the reason we are in the current situation. People refuse to examine or face those realities that fail to fit in with their desires and preconceptions of what they would like to see and hear. But ignoring matters or ideas one finds distasteful only creates greater problems later on. How one feels about these matters doesn’t alter reality or its impact one whit.

    Man’s world has once again developed into a truly ugly pustule about to burst open, but then it has always been this way with human acne. This is merely another perverse, twisted, wrinkle in human history, like so many others that have gone before. Perhaps the most difficult idea for people to accept is that they are not the beginning, nor are they the end. They are just one of the billions of neurons in the long memory of human suffering. Every generation has this idea that they are special, that when they end, everything must end with them. So it is rapture time once again. Hang on, Jesus just tweeted he is on his way to end our misery and suffering – along with the rest of the world.

    Perhaps the worst horror one can inflict on the multitudes of mindless drones is the fact that they are nothing special, nothing special at all. They are no more important, no more significant than any other life form over which they have been told they have dominion. When I was in boot camp the DIs would call us “maggots” and tell us we were “lower than whale shit.” They were right. It was perhaps the most valuable lesson I ever learned

    No matter. People will not be able to whistle past the graveyard any longer without noticing their social security number on one of the grave markers. Until then, I will be listening.


  3. I stumbled on to your channel just a couple months ago. I can appreciate your insight because those who are really in the know, know that this is the case. Two hands working in unison towards the total enslavement of humanity. A dichotomy of evil which at times partners and on a few is at odds.
    Each election just a ruse to make the public feel they have a voice in the matter. All the while letting them know what is in plan for them. Cognitive dissonance and cult of personalities is strong among people and history has shown over and over again that few only recognize it when they are being loaded onto the boxcars.
    Keep spreading your message, sometimes the truth hurts but we never say the truth to hurt, but to help awaken.


  4. The Biden election fraud is so massive, so blatant, so documented that this will be a watershed moment for all humanity. Both puppet parties are deeply involved, and neither will survive. The Plandemic will be exposed, all extortion funds for WuFlu Voodoo vaccination will be returned, big pharma will be sued out of existence. Big tech will be jailed for sedition, auctioned for judgements. Big media will have broadcast licenses revoked, cable suspended.


    “Interview on Electronic Vote Fraud” > CD Media, linked SGTreports


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