4 thoughts on “The Moment America’s Fate was Sealed”

  1. Hi Nancy Morgan Hart , good job aa usual , thank you ! I am going to listen again (little bit wordy for me) and I don’t think this is close to being over . Also for me the simple reason our President didn’t stop and give his support was he could have been shot imo . That’s how deluded some people in our country are .


  2. “1913?” Whuffo you you mean by dat? Nancy, you are beautiful. Really, really beautiful. I await your latest offering with more anticipation than I used to await the next Twilight Zone episode of my youth.

    Submitted for your approval – Nancy Morgan Hart.


  3. I believe you recommended LegalMan’s podcast. Thank you. The country’s fate is sealed. History has shown the masses are obedient. We, the Remnant, are to survive as well as we can.


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