4 thoughts on “I’ll Leave the Charity and Mercy to the Saints”

  1. Thank You Nancy Morgan Hart , your right on the money imo ! I believe this is all following bill & melinda gates design to “cull the herd”. Trump and his wife let us know that there is very little difference when it comes to joe , kamala , and vaccines . This is bottemline what they are about and their true colors are showing . I will be ready as if my life depends on it ! Vaxxines , masks , and 5G it will be like Wuhan , USA .


  2. While I do not ascribe to the bogus peace, love, forgive thy enemy philosophy Judaeo-Christianity has foisted off on the trusting, unsuspecting, gullible goyim; hating these parasites is like hating cancer. Strong emotions only serve to cloud one’s judgments and actions. That is why the martial arts teach one to free themselves of emotion when in battle. Anger and hatred can get you killed just as sure as an enemy’s weapon.

    Hatred is kin to the emotion of love that will serve to spare them if and when they are finally on the ropes. Only dispassionate action will allow for the necessary elimination required to be fully free of their presence for all time. I paraphrase the Buddha’s words, “hatred or vengeance is like taking poison to get rid of an unwanted house guest.” I might use a more modern, ghetto meme ~ “don’t hate – eliminate!” ~ like the cancer to the social body they truly are.

    Note: A single, remaining cancer cell will result in the re-growth of the disease.

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  3. I responded to Trump “STOP THIS WARPPED SPEED PLAN-DEMONIC !!!”‘ and linked your video

    Blessings to you Nancy Morgan Hart. I am praying for you and Roy Potter.
    I reposted your video on BNT —> https://brandnewtube.com/@rogersings


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