A Wink and a Smile

On November 22, 1963, aboard Air Force One, immediately after being sworn into office as the 36th President of the United States, witnesses claim Lyndon Johnson turned to look at his friend, Texas Congressman Albert Thomas. White House photographer, Cecil Stoughton, captured the moment Congressman Thomas winked and smiled at Johnson. When asked about the wink, Cecil Stoughton is said to have stated that it could have been, “innocent or sinister and I have leaned to the latter.”

4 thoughts on “A Wink and a Smile”

  1. Nancy I was only a freshman in high school at the time but after a tour in Vietnam I came to realize that was the beginning of the end for this country


  2. I’m old enough to have been devastated that day—changed forever, as was the world. Innocence vanished. We are still mourning that day, and increasingly, as these days of treason and evil are bearing down. Thank you for this tribute to our terrible loss, it has left me in tears.


  3. I worked in Texas for 2-3 months as a river guide on the Rio Grande in Big Bend Park . Through a friend I found out how nothing happened in Texas politically unless the governor lyndon johnson knew about it and made the decision to approve it or not . You couldn’t even get a job in texas without showing your voting card . I had never felt the vise grip of politics on my daily life like I did in texas . lyndon played as large a roll in President Kennedy’s death as the CiA .


  4. “Did Geo H W Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team” at VeteransToday > nine shots fired from six positions. Texas has memorial libraries to three Nov 22 participants. Big Bush was on second floor of the Dal-Tex building, coordinating the snipers. Baby Bush was in front of TSBD and LBJ was in an armored limo at the end of the sacrifice parade. We must repurpose these monuments to mass murdering war criminals.


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