1. Dear Mr. Hart I am an old Vietnam vet and have been following that turd Kissinger for many years. Knew the train had left without me when he got to be buddy buddy with good old Henry and then the Clintons a week in. Then threw the General M Flynn under the bus only now after the damages are done to come out with this bull shit pardon, Want to know about Kissinger look into the Paris peace talks. General Thu Duc Thoi came to surrender and down the hill it went from there. Thanks for all you do my dear it is appreciated by many
    Ken Weberg


  2. Hi Nancy Morgan Hart , so can we take this one thing at a time . How do you know no swamp rats were arrested , tried , and imprisoned or executed , I have 3 or 4 sources that say otherwise ? Generally when a YT channel would post the info YT would shut them down and another channel would take up the baton . “Weekend Warrior” , “Alice Down the Rabbit Hole”, “Indian in the Machine” , and “American Patriot . com”

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  3. NMH,
    I remember when DJT met with The Toad after he won the Presidency if I recall this correctly.
    Then a short time afterwords The Toad had a meeting with Putin.
    Both of these men meeting with the enemy of humanity only reinforced they follow the same master.
    Everything else is theater for the masses.


  4. My first thoughts were, well, well must be time to retire, so why not let our boy Donald take credit for “draining the swamp”? In the classic fashion of this particular form of scum, it doesn’t want to be floating anywhere near the top when the odors of its decades of destructive efforts finally begin to overwhelm the senses like a carrion plant flowering. After all, there are hicks in the sticks that still have pitchforks.

    Kissinger should have been “retired” from office CIA style before he ever got close to the levers of power. Same goes for the other swamp rats. But then it’s fellow swamp rats calling the shots, so what can one expect? How many of these parasites will make Aliyah back to the mother ship? How many will slowly rot away in comfortable retirement on the financial backs of their American hosts?

    You can stick America with a fork – its done. And these mamzers know it.


  5. Nancy – hitting so many “nails on the head” with this “Headlines”! Thank you for a clever turn of a word, or two. But, these must be regarded as facts now, as we look back. Trump is an entertainer, at least as he has been set up before the American citizenry. He has seemed to regale in his bombastic tweeting as people are enthralled by it, and the dependable switcheroos on appointments and policies. But, what was there of substance?! I, too, thot he would right the sinking ship, listing and bobbing in a deep beaurocratic ocean….but no, in a year, or two, it could be witnessed that the ship was listing evermore….


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