Moderna’s vaccine candidate was found to be 94.5% effective in clinical trials, the company announced last week.

The development process was unprecedentedly fast — only the team of Pfizer and BioNTech beat the newcomer in announcing results from a late-stage clinical trial.

It was also far more effective than expected: The Food and Drug Administration had said it would likely approve a candidate that showed at least 50% efficacy. Dr. Anthony Fauci had said he hoped for 70%.

Sins of Omission

3 thoughts on “MODERNA SETS RECORD w/ 48 hr. VAX!”

  1. When are we getting back to normal?
    We’re not, party’s over!
    How can anyone think that this vaccine is okay?
    It’s being approved in a matter of months which should take years. Whatever side effects or adverse reaction you may suffer they won’t be held responsible.
    I have multiple autoimmune issues I suffer from already, this vaccine would only compromise me further.
    For it to come down to this, we’re in a very bad place right now here in America!
    The fact that people are on board with this & push for it says they’re compromised.
    They’re sellouts & they don’t have a soul which makes them inhuman.
    This is like a bad dream I keep waiting to wake up from. Except it’s not, it’s actually happening.
    This is really fucked up!!


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