7 thoughts on “Trump Says Injections Distributed in 2 Weeks!”

  1. DEEP STATE = Psych Ops with low-level warfare Ops from within. Hostile takeover? 1) Internet influence operations? Complete with A.I. plans. 2) MSM influence operations? 3) Antifa and BLM are insurgency operations. In order for them to work, they need to control, influence, and support of the populist. Which has not happened. 4) Political (corrupt or compromised) influence operations. This has happened to 75% of DNC and 30% GOP. Also designed to demoralize, influence, control, and brainwash the American public. 5) Govt corruption or compromised? My guess, 20% of NSA, CIA, NRO, State Dept, Pentagon, and 4 out of 17 Intelligence Agencies are corrupted. 6) 2/3rd of DOJ and FBI are corrupted. 7) Siege warfare? National Infrastructure and supply chain interruptions? 8) “Inside the wire” stage resources and assets? “Club-K missiles”? 9) Foreign ally(corrupted) asset operation(s) against USA? 10) Election fraud.

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  2. We stopped asking permission to speak freely in 1776. We stopped asking permission to worship freely in 1776. We stopped asking permission to assemble freely in 1776. We stopped asking for permission from tyrants when we earned our freedom in 1776.

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  3. NOTE: Did you know? President Abraham Lincoln on April 15th, 1861 declared a proclamation and evoked the “Insurrection Act” and suspended “habeas corpus” in only the States necessary to send in the Military to repel violence and bring peace.

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  4. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT FOR PATRIOTS: 1. Learn how color revolution works. 2. Learn about George Soros “reset” & “new world order.” 3. Learn about Bill Gates “depopulation” goal. 4. Learn about Abraham Lincoln’s exercise of power in 1861 to save our country. 5. Keep both eyes focused on China & Iran. EDUCATE CITIZENS.

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  5. He sounds a little to gung-ho about this vaccine. Like it’s such a good thing to roll out a vaccine in five months.
    When it should take years to study & test before approved.
    This should be concerning to every single person. This wouldn’t have been tolerated ten years ago.
    They’re not going to give us any choice.
    Everything about this is wrong, I can’t believe this is allowed to take place.
    Something is wrong with a group of people who make vaccinating a
    priority. Instead of spending the money helping the people who’s lives you’ve destroyed shutting down the planet. When it wasn’t necessary!


  6. Another “good catch” Nancy….it almost got out of the ballpark without much notice! Not that many will care, but some will, because the indoctrination has been having success: tired of masks, businesses gone in handfuls, xitancing, schools down….ah, the jab! Yes! Our lifesaver!…ah-hem, not at all, just Slave-State item #5 on the Reset’s check-off list of ???!
    Thank you, Nancy



    Between the military and Chapmans Ice Cream, Canadians should be in good hands getting the #Covid19 jab.

    NOTE: Fredian slip – as this is no typo

    “Arra said the health unit has made plans based on different scenarios to distribute the ** VIRUS **”

    Grey Bruce touted to start rolling out #CovidVaccine

    An offer by Chapman’s Ice Cream in Markdale to build/acquire a freezer necessary to store the vaccine to be stored at -75 degrees

    They also have the expertise in the handling, (frozen) products



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