4 thoughts on “General Flynn Calls for Martial Law”

  1. I knew we were wrong about Flynn when he went right out and took the oath for Q. He is too smart to fall for that psyop. And his attorney is now showing her true colors also. When they suggest martial law to help us…run!


  2. Its really bizarre when I hear the corrupt and lying media pundits use the word “cult” with pretentious and condescending overtones. Seriously? Cult? So half of the country is a “cult”? At least 70 Million people, but much much more do not identify with the radical ideology of modern Leftism and the anti-american propaganda that they push. You live in a bubble that has nothing in common with regular people throughout the country, a bubble which is much more akin to a cult than simply being free-thinking individuals who do not swallow the lies you all sell.

    What do you have to say about the comments regarding the Trump Accountability Project and making lists of “collaborators” and basically anyone who supported him. People making statements about “re-educating” and “removing them from our society”. These statements are being made with shocking regularity and nonchalance as if it suddenly became normal to start tweeting about making a plan to either re-educate or eliminate opponents of your radical ideology. This is even more dangerous than Flynns Martial Law comment, which at least isn’t a copy of the final solution or soviet gulags, and is aimed at cleaning out the corruption in our institutions and agencies which are putting the very existence of this nation at risk.

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