3 thoughts on “Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned”

  1. I have trouble imagining the level of stupidity that cannot understand the clarity you put on these issues. I know when I listen it’s like one mind. That is no doubt what makes you so attractive, you keep track of the score, know the bottom line and best of all, nail it down hard in under five minuets. I only wish I could could say with confidence, “Nancy? She doesn’t know what she is talking about.”


  2. HHS Czar Alex Azar was lawyer/lobbyist for Eli Lilly for a decade, promoted to president, tripled Medicare drug costs, asked why replied….”US is the only country with no medical price controls”

    (when posted as InfoWimps comment, got auto delete, “message contains a word NOT allowed” > no First Amendment with Alex Jones)


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