4 thoughts on “AG Barr May Resign Before Year’s End”

  1. “First we F*CK Flynn, then we F*CK Trump” ~ Andy McCabe text message

    Since Feb 14, 2019 ~ Billy BRUTUS Barr has found NO evidence of FBI or DOJ

    RussiaGate misconduct….he is “doing what he came to do”….


  2. What do you think Nancy, maybe its time to take out the ruler and rap the knuckles of some of the knuckleheads? As for Bagpipe Barr, is it my imagination or does he actually resemble the pig he truly is? I wonder, was Animal Farm a documentary.

    What tragedy. All these nasty, political turds swirling around the top of the plugged, Washroom D.C. bowl and no one around to flush it all down. Where is Adolf when you really need him?


  3. Nah, it is just time, it appears, for his character role (really a “bit part “) to exist stage right….or is that stage left?). I dunno, but this 4 year run on,truly, off-Broadway will probably not get the Tony Award that the cast (or at least the lead actor) have been so hoping for. Thanks so much, Nancy, for this Headline!


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