95% Effective with a Warning

Pfizer and partner BioNTech’s experimental injection meets expectations on agency guidance and is enough to initiate an agency review, according to staff of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FDA/Pfizer Briefing Materials

4 thoughts on “95% Effective with a Warning”

  1. Nancy was putting a few pieces of this puzzle togeather over the weekend. The movie MoonRake and the Georgia Guide Stones appeared in the same year coincidink me thinks not. The world population in 1980 was around 4 and a half billion. Now in the year 2020 its over 8 billion. This on a planet running out of natural resources. Useless eaters ring a bell. Warp speed and the advent of the So called Space program come to mind. They who in the hell they are need 8 billion of us gone. They thought i’m sure that the usless wars and the weather modification would keep the population down but it doubled and now they are in a panic. So hang on dear lady its gonna get real rough from here on out. One more thing trying to take us all out in one whack would be a bigger problem for them. But a man made in a lab PATHOGEN and a vax for good measure . Would not surprise me
    Be Safe GOD bless
    Ken Weberg


  2. Hi Nancy, thank you for being you. I came across something I am hoping you will find useful. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has produced a 49 minute video that makes a case for filing a class action suit and he substantiates his claims exceptionally well and has the credentials and experience to pursue such an endeavor.


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  3. This is an RNA they’ve had issues with getting this into a vaccine. Now in seven days & 2 vaccines later it meets approval? They don’t know if it will last two months & you can possibly get the virus again.
    This is a rush job that needs clinical trials & people to be monitored for 10+ years. What happens 2 mo, 6 mo a year later?
    Who knows? Yet this passed as being safe enough to give to the people.
    Let those that feel this is safe enough for us, allow their children to be first to get the vaccine.
    They’re in such a hurry & care so much for our well being. Their family members & the entire governing body roll up your sleeves since you believe in it’s effectiveness & safety!!
    Ya right!!!


  4. The Pharma’s, their spokespersons, and our president: such smooth-talkers, aren’t they? Thank you, Nancy, for this important work with “Headlines”.


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