2 thoughts on “Australia Terminates $750 Million Prototype-Injection Trial”

  1. Well that settles it, the government says there is no HIV in the vaccine, so we can believe it. Of course the only solution to this problem that isn’t, is to buy a lot more vaccine. At least that’s what I think I heard. Do you ever wish the Bozos driving our bus of state made more sense? And isn’t it comforting to know the government saying this is the one that has the best interest in our welfare? Okay, fun’s over, put the mask back on.

    Love the music, which Twilight Zone episode did you get it from?


  2. Aliya, e

    Please read this.


    On Sat, Dec 12, 2020, 6:53 AM Headlines with a Voice wrote:

    > headlineswithavoice posted: ” Australia has terminated a $750 million > project after a trial for a prototype-injection saw some participants test > positive for HIV. ” >


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