Big, Old, Slow Turtle

Today, December 11, 2020, at 4:11am, President Trump tweeted the following:

“While my pushing the money drenched but heavily bureaucratic @US_FDA saved five years in the approval of NUMEROUS great new vaccines, it is still a big, old, slow turtle. Get the dam vaccines out NOW, Dr. Hahn @SteveFDA. Stop playing games and start saving lives!!”

Fifteen minutes later, at 4:26am:

“I just want to stop the world from killing itself!”

4 thoughts on “Big, Old, Slow Turtle”

  1. Oh my goodness ! That’s disturbing.
    I’m terrified of the after effects of these questionable, rushed and no doubt toxic vaccines.

    FDA Safety Surveillance of #COVID19 #Vaccines
    Absolutely nothing to worry about, right?
    Just roll up your sleeve & accept the jab
    Sounds perfectly safe

    👇👇 😳 👇👇
    Source: FDA
    Link: page 16 / 17


  2. Headlines with a Voice has lost touch. Try and think communications…. Think, overt comms. Think mission orders. etc etc. expand your thinking.

    As far as the last POTUS tweet about “saving the World”, he just told you he knows all about the “vaccines” global plan. Makes you wonder exactly what is Operation Warp speed….Hmmmm…. Maybe it has another purpose(s).


  3. Now I get it! Trump and Biden are actually the same person, you know, like Haley Mills in “The Parent Trap.” Only this new (((Hollywood))) production is titled “The Covid Trap.” Coming soon to theater closing near you. Roll up your sleeve and watch for it!


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