V.P. Pence Injected at W.H. Presser

After a series of reports this week, of health-care workers in the U.S. and the U.K., requiring hospitalization after suffering serious adverse reactions after being injected with Pfizer’s experimental jab, moments ago, in an effort to send a message to the American people that the jab is safe and effective, Vice President Mike Pence, at a White House press briefing, was injected with the Pfizer jab on camera.

Alex Azar on EUA for MODERNA

One thought on “V.P. Pence Injected at W.H. Presser”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed! This is proof the jab is safe! This cannot be a simple illusion, like say David Copperfield making a Learjet disappear before your a eyes or anything like that. Yep, the more top politicians I see getting the jab on Talmudvision, the more I’s be a true believer in the jab. Oh wait! I just remembered I quite watching Talmudvision some thirty years ago.


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