4 thoughts on “NO JAB – NO JOB”

  1. It would seem to me that if an employer required an employee to get a vaccination as a condition of employment, and that employee later had medical issues with the vaccine, then the employer would be liable. The vaccine maker may have immunity, but the employer does not.


  2. Insanity. Even if this injection were not experimental, no employer has the moral or lawful right to require employees be injected with anything. The people must refuse en masse. Stick together and refuse to accept this type of tyranny.

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  3. I work for a supplier of a well known auto maker. We have to adhere by the “rules” of this auto maker, as we work in their facilities…who now shout PUT YOUR MASK ON, which is now included in the PPE. Every time someone gets the “virus”, my supervisor reads from a paper- “They did not contract the “virus” from here (at work)”, abolishing the auto maker from any liability for those whom believe all this is real. Yes, I firmly believe this auto maker will make it mandatory to get the -quote-“roll up your sleever”.


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