3 thoughts on “HEADS UP: National Guard Receives Authorization to Inject Americans”

  1. How in the Hell did we let these freaks get in charge??? Boy talk about the Hegelian Dialectic PROBLEM , ACTION, SOLUTION. What do you think will happen when the Guard meets resistance from us good red blooded American Patriots. Guess were about to find out HUH!!!!!!!


  2. Well, I guess the Red Cross: swiss templars are asking for a revolution. Who the fuck would take a shot that can kill? We don’t know anything about these shots: HPV? HIV? alien DNA? What the fuck is in it? Human aborted fetal cells? Red Cross= Swiss templars (knights). The king is over-reaching. Now, you know why the founding fathers said the 2nd admendment. When the government becomes tyrannical you have to protect yourself.


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