4 thoughts on “A Storm is Looming”

  1. More like another tempest in a teapot is brewing.

    When are the stupid sheeple going to quit falling for the “good cop/bad cop” routine? Every fool that voted, did so to support the government. So keep voting and you keep telling your masters, those greedsters stealing the world out from under you, that their shenanigans are just fine with we-the-sheeple. After all, we can always vote for a good cop in the next election.

    True Democracy is Anarchy, meaning there is no centralized government or leadership. Anarchy is the ultimate bane of all centralized governments, no matter their stripe. This is why the term is commonly bandied about as a pejorative. Such a system is the key to real freedom.

    That is why wordsmiths invented the term “Representative De-mock-rac-y,” which is in fact, nothing more than a sham system of rule by oligarchs disguised by a feel-good title. It’s like that old boogeyman “Communism.” Remember those terrible days when there was a red under every bed? Remember the pretty promises? Like “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”? That sounded so good, many Americans today think it is part of the Constitution.

    But who wrote the book of Communism? None other than the same people that wrote the bible. You know, that book of pretty words that promises a savior will come and deliver all the good little boys and girls from the sin they cannot even identify?

    Since Christianity is now honorably titled “Judeo-Christianity,” would it not be reasonable to re-title “Communism,” “Judeocommunism”? Doesn’t that clarify the situation instead of having it hide behind a truncated misnomer?

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  2. “Revenge of the Kraken” documentary at MillennialMillie(.)com explains the vast network of deep state fellow travelers and their Jan 6 plans for open rebellion. The DC mayor and police are anarchists. The game plan is exactly as every other CIA color revolution for decades. Expect rogue sniper teams, like the Ukraine “Maidan Massacre” unless there is a MASS ROUNDUP this weekend.


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