4 thoughts on “HEADS UP: The Gulag-Bill”

  1. In 1907, Mary Mallon (aka Typhoid Mary) was sentenced to solitary confinement as an asymptomatic carrier who refused the ‘treatment of the day’, the often fatal removal of her gallbladder. It was later discovered that the bacteria Salamonella Typhi infected the macrophages of many tissues, making gallbladder removal useless, and that at least 3% or up to 5% of the population were asymptomatic carriers.
    from “Right To Try Voodoo” > question the authority to make any health decision

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  2. “Uses of Jacobson vs Massachusetts in the Age of Bioterrorism” > JAMAnetwork(.)com > 197 US 11

    This 1905 ruling on forced smallpox vaccination said the state had the right to impose vaccination, or a fine. After the ruling, Henning Jacobson paid the $5 fine. This is now being extrapolated as justification for lifetime of solitary confinement.


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