5 thoughts on “Your Masters’ Masters”

  1. Dear Nancy Morgan Hart
    This has to be stopped, we already have great research done by Carl Sagan, I think it was around 1983 when I was in college. I wrote a paper on nuclear winter. Sagan used the massive dust storms on Mars as a model and theorized what would happen on earth if there were a nuclear winter. He warned against a nuclear winter, but anybody reading his research would have realized that he warned against putting particulate matter of any type into the air that was excessive. He warned in that research which everyone should read it was written by Sagan and two of his students, if I remember correctly.

    Look I am not going to sit and here and debate stupidity, but the world needs to wake up. We are already heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, whose effects can be seen if you look through out history, oops that is a bad phrase actually looking through history, most of these idiots cannot do that. But between the grand solar minimum that we are entering, remember is it all based on cycles and this ridiculous “experiment,” going on what I remember of my paper this will not end well.

    What group of morons did not look at Carl Sagan’s work? They should be taken out. Incidentally when I wrote this paper it was in a war games class run by two professors, one who was the most liberal person I had ever met and the other a very bright professor from the soviet union whom had escaped, the professor from the soviet union went through all the books I used as reference, all written mainly by or with Sagan, and he was so impressed he told me that the world should read this paper including his old bosses. I wish I had the paper today I would shove it up their noses.

    Thank you for listening


    1. Gosh Beave, I really hate to break this to you, but Carl Sagan was one of them; you know, one of those billions and billions of little people working for the masters. In fact all those larger-than-life personalities, cast as major purveyors of facts, scientific and otherwise, are on board with the game plan to deceive and misdirect public perception through either overt or subtle means.

      There are only two kinds of people the media focuses on, to wit: those shining lights of truth and virtue, working hard at promoting the agenda that promises a better world and better tomorrow and those dark, evil, Fascisti-type people working against the agenda by spreading lies and disinformation among the gullible sheeple.

      Thus, if you happen to be one of those shining lights of truth and virtue, like one of those media paragons of truth, justice and the American way urging compliance with the draconian, yet sensible, Covid measures dictated by our kind, benevolent rulers, then you will get lavish, gushing media coverage and maybe even your very own weekly TV series. Can you imagine The Tiffany Dover Show? She’s back from the dead! Wait for it.

      I am reminded of people that once tried convincing me Alex Jones was the real deal, that he was working hard at exposing the truth about the “swamp”. My reply? “The FCC controls the airwaves and you don’t get a nationally syndicated, clear channel, radio program by telling the truth.” However, one thing Jones did get right – this is a “Prison Planet.”

      And just for the record, how does one get a weekly, network TV program by being oppositional to the agenda? You know what the masters of the universe and all god’s media says if one marches in any other direction than the one put down before them? YOU’RE FIRED! (In front of a squad no less)


  2. What a joke! Or is it? Ruling, “scientific” clowns are going to “test the effects” of what has been going on for over a century? Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s, it’s . . . it’s a plane alright. In fact it’s hundreds of planes laying down chemtrails that cross the sky from horizon to horizon. Want to find out about the atmospheric changes that have been going on for decades? Look no further – https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

    What is it with these insane psychopaths? Here’s one now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79voFUqcPq4. (Note the comments. There’s a clue.) For generations they hose the planet with toxic chemicals and then announce the idiotic idea that they are going to test the possible effects of atmospheric modification? LOOK UP! Look at the sky! Look at the weather patterns that have already changed.

    Look at the dimming of the sun. It damn sure doesn’t require a billion dollar weather balloon study in Sweden to see the obvious. But then how many actually look up? How many can see the obvious evidence in front of their silly, masked faces? Perhaps this new testing program is actually designed to keep the stupid sheeple foolishly blinded to the obvious truth.

    This is the Bizarro world in which we live. A D.C. Comic book world where everything you know is wrong. An inverted world where black is white, bad is good and up is down. A world where alleged leaders with wooden, multi-faceted faces, talk about testing for future possibilities that have long been historical fact. But then take a look at who founded and owns ALL the comic book publication houses and you will see why this world looks like one.

    Finally, I have long said, the purportedly “richest, most powerful men” in this world are lucky if they are called in to shine Master Rothschild’s shoes.


  3. They have a sun simulator already sitting up in space NASA. We have two suns and two moons. It is capable of DEW attacks and your climate change deal. They want to cool the planet so that everyone “invests” in. sustainability technology. Sustainability technology or green technology is death to humanity. Obey your Master. Master of puppets are pulling your string. Wait until the alien invasion occurs. They will show off their stuff. with fancy technology. If you take the shot that is an alien invasion. get it?


  4. “Since the dawn of time man has yearned to destroy the sun.”
    – C. Montgomery Burns.

    This is exactly the sort of thing an obscenely wealthy psychopath would think is a good idea.


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