3 thoughts on “Don’t Transport Persons w/ Little Chance of Survival”

  1. They might want to check out welding supply companies for the availability of oxygen since welding gas is as pure as medical oxygen and they are both filled from the same source. The only caveat would be make sure the tanks are not contaminated by prior use with welding gas.
    Always wondered why you need a prescription for “oxygen”.
    Might want to check out the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen, an end of life lifesaver for many people.


  2. Sending hugs and thoughts to you Nancy. It can’t be easy uncovering these demon plots against humanity.
    I hope I speak for others as well, as you are a true warrior, no doubt working round the clock to bring us these breaking news updates. I do hope people are listening and sharing, as time is short, and we are entering very dangerous times in the very near future.

    Be prepared for anything folks! Don’t take any news report/incident at face value and continue to do your own research with an open and objective mind.

    Love and strength to all those red pilled souls trying to wake up the sheep.


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