2 thoughts on “Separating Family Members to Stop the Plague”

  1. “Zombie Preparedness” > cdc(.)gov/cpr/zombie/index.htm

    If you refuse your zombie nasal swab, or zombie WarpSpeed jab….

    “CDC Arresting People Breaking Covid Quarantine Rules, Officers with Assault Rifles Everywhere” at BeforeItsNews(.)com


  2. Everyday we are moving closer and closer toward a Zombie apocalypse it seems.

    The end goal is to have us all injected with ??? a variety of nefarious substances.

    Between these tests that come close to breaking the blood brain barrier, these injections, constant mask wearing and social distancing, I can only imagine the level of illnesses this will create. No doubt bacterial pheumonia, oh but it will be labelled another STRAIN which will require further injections and isolation.

    I’m take a HARD PASS


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