3 thoughts on “What a Difference One Word Makes!”

  1. If he had been an honest supporter and upholder, as he swore to do, of the Constitution, this horror that will haunt the American conscience for a very long time, never would have happened. If he had the mental stability and moral rectitude to have conceded, gracefully (as even Hiliary was able to pull off), at the results of the presidential election, we would not be witnesses to the fracturing of the Republic and a deepened divide in the public.


  2. A fractured republic is something that I do not want either. But, there is something else I don’t want worse than that… and that is a government that falsely accuses and does not allow the man I voted to put into office the opportunity to simply do his job.

    I have no interest at all in arguing with you in a disrespectful way. And I wish you from the heart the safest and best year ahead.

    And I want to know if you understand why I think President Trump was not allowed to do the job I voted him in office to do? And for that reason and me and millions of others are absolutely upset about it.


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