Trump Declassifies ‘Foot-High’ Stack of Russia-Gate Documents

President Trump has declassified and authorized the release of “more than a foot-high stack of documents” related to the Obama administration’s surveillance and espionage committed against the 2016 Trump campaign, as part of a larger campaign to discredit and undermine the incoming US president.

4 thoughts on “Trump Declassifies ‘Foot-High’ Stack of Russia-Gate Documents”

  1. I have been blocked from direct access to any FewTube content since 12/25/2020, but could still open YT at host sites. Now SGTreports, Aim4Truth, ConservativeTreehouse, HWAV are blocking me for comments that amplify Truth. I tried to open HWAV account at Roku, but do not shop online, guard my credit card info, will not open any online shopping accounts.

    Kindly open BitChute or Breiteon channel, doubtful that I’m the only victim of this GooGhoul directed censorship, thanks.

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  2. I wish you had the BALLZ to let comments that disagree with you. Yet, you are a Mormon that has been subdued by powerful men. So I don’t fault you so much, I just wish that for the love of God you would wakeup.


  3. Only thing more crazily-entertaining on this statement from Mr. Sullivan, would have been if Rudi G. Would have presented it as a “Presser”! I really do hope this is the very last gasp from the cult-crowd, because as you reference in your comment,we have so many other vital issues to address yet being held in the worn-out grip (I hope) of the Trump-era. Thank you, Nancy, for this News Headline.


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