3 thoughts on “25,000 National Guard Troops Descend on D.C.”

  1. Funny how “law” enforcement was almost non-existent for the congressional “storming” and how the guards conveniently opened up the building for the protestors. Suddenly, in a complete about face, we find the homeland’s NKVD agents deploying their armed thugs, locked, loaded, and primed for action with permission to open fire to “ensure peace”. I smell false flag in the making.

    Considering the acquiescence of the Trump supporters, they will have to roll out their antifa agents dressed up as Trump supporters to start the action. Once it gets going, there will be mayhem, perhaps providing the excuse for martial law. I am reminded of the 1960s saying, “what if they gave a war (or inauguration) and no one came?”

    By the way, those unfamiliar with the military terms and customs should understand the concept behind the “red line.” They used to have military prisons called “red line brigs.” The areas in these prisons were laid out with red lines. If a prisoner stepped over a red line, guards were authorized to take whatever action they felt necessary, from beating the prisoner senseless to killing them. Whatever action was taken, there were no investigations into the legitimacy of the guard’s action.

    The last red line brig I know of was the one at Camp Lejune North Carolina. Something to think about for those stupid enough to attend the official proceedings for turning the country over to the Judeocommunists. Say, did you know the Soviet Judeocommunists used red as their color? Probably just a coincidence.


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