3 thoughts on “Record Breaking Container-Ship Pileup”

  1. Does anyone out there comprehend America is being slowly roasted to death over open pits of corruption and dissolution? The Rothschilds could pull the plug on America’s economic life support tomorrow morning and by late evening the country would be writhing in its final death throes. Instead they torture the people, increasing their misery incrementally, ratcheting up the suffering one bizarre event after another, much like they do to prisoners incarcerated in Israel’s training camp for torturers at Guantanamo. Apparently, we-the-sheeple are just going to lie back and let them administer a death of thousand cuts until we finally bleed out to a bitter end.


  2. Consumer boom?! Where, at Wall-Mart’s?! Amazon?! Sure can’t be shipments of goods for our middle-class businesses which are going the way of the dodo bird! Consumer boom, who? among the growing class of living on the “infinite” gov’t dole?!


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