Trump Grants 73 Pardons – Commutes 70 Sentences

On January 20, 2021, the White House released a statement from the Press Secretary regarding executive grants of clemency.

President Donald J. Trump granted pardons to 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of an additional 70 individuals.

“I Love Wikileaks”

The Betrayal of Julian Assange

Wikileaks is “Not my thing”

Trump says he’s okay w/ DoJ charging Assange


4 thoughts on “Trump Grants 73 Pardons – Commutes 70 Sentences”

  1. It’s very clear to me that the same issue that kept Julian Assange from being declared freed was the same issue that kept Trump stuck in quicksand his whole term as President. And it is also the same bar that kept him from being President again.


  2. By the way here in Deutschland we are now obligated to wear P2 mask only. The recommendation is that they should be worn for 2 hours only and then tossed. After that you need to buy another one for €5 or $5.50.


  3. The world is a stage with actors & script.
    A very old script yet well rehearsed.
    It’s a play we see over & over again the script never
    changes only the actors.
    They’re rehearsing for the Final Act!
    Pay no attention to the rehearsal
    that’s all it is its just a rehearsal.
    The Final Act won’t include actors
    just us & the world around us.
    BTW, don’t get distracted by the rehearsal
    if you want to preview the Final Act.


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