5 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Pedestrian “Management””

  1. I saw a video of two girls taking cellphone videos of a robot dog patrolling a neighborhood. It was some sort of bright yellow D.A.R.P.A dog. I’m betting it could take out anyone violating social distancing bylaws and have their ashes swept up before many people could notice they were missing.

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  2. Actually, the term “LiDAR” is an incomplete misnomer. It is actually LiDART Light Detection And Range Targeting technology. Not vaccine compliant? Bang! You’re imprisoned then dead. Wakey, wakey idiots, the world is becoming their LiDART board and you’re their next target.

    Need I remind anyone that the same Judeocommunist running – and ruining – our world today, are the same Judeocommunist that ran – and ruined – this culture? https://geohistory.today/soviet-psychiatry-snezhnevsky/

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  3. Isn’t 6 ft. the minimum distance for positive GPS triangulation and tracking?
    Wouldn’t it be convenient to send a specific signal to a specific person for reeducation or elimination purposes?
    With the way this is all going , it seems plausible to me. Track, trace, eliminate in one easy bundle.
    Courtesy of the psychopaths in charge.

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  4. LiDar? I made up that word when I was about 10years old. That was my radar that was tuned to lies. As in I would hear a politician speaking and I would say…”I’m picking up something on my LiDar”

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  5. This none-sense must stop and be be actively repelled; but mass in numbers is essential, I think. Good comments here, and thank you, Nancy, for this important “Headline”. ps, watched “The Blindness of ‘following the Science’ ” yt Jonathan Pageau presentation with reasoned points.


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