President Xi Sends Biden a Warning

In a 25-minute speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping, making his first appearance at the World Economic Forum since his vigorous defense of free trade and globalization in a 2017 Davos address, advocated multilateralism as the way out of current challenges.


Xi Warns Biden and Globe Against ‘New Cold War’

Xi’s Full Speech

7 thoughts on “President Xi Sends Biden a Warning”

  1. I don’t know what to make of you: When DT had the WH, you wern’t much of a supporter. Yet DT for appearances did block the assult of WEF invaders. Now with sleepy joe behind the wheel we are in deep-shit.
    Who are you???


    1. I supported DJT for two years. However, the Operation Warp Speed vaccine, courtesy of Bill Gates, Fauci, the criminals at the CDC and Big Pharma, took the shine off for me. DJT pushed Big Pharma’s vaccine agenda. He even created a promo video for the Gates Foundation’s GAVI (vaccine global alliance) and uploaded it to You Tube :
      DJT railed against the lying mainstream media, non-stop, for four years. Instead of Tweeting his disgust
      with the MSM, he neglected to take action to put an end to the dissemination of their lies. The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, made it illegal for the media and government entities to propagandize the American people. Obama, in 2012, “modernized” the Smith-Mundt Act, effectively making it legal for the media to lie to the American people:
      We are in deep-shit, because rather than draining the Swamp, DJT chose to fill his cabinet with nothing but Swamp creatures, over and over again. He put his son-in-law, Kushner, in charge of U.S. immigration policy. He promised to put Americans and American jobs first and proceeded to betray the people that voted for him by doing the bidding of the corporations and continued to grant visas to foreigners that work for less than Americans.
      I could go on about the lunacy of governing by Executive Order and dozens of other issues.
      The bottom line is this: The presidency of DJT taught me that government is slavery. Until the people understand this truth, we will continue to live under duress imposed by the government and enforced by its order-followers. I oppose all forms of slavery. GOVERNMENT IS SLAVERY. That’s who I am. Who are you?

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      1. Good comment, Nancy. I sometimes reflect that DJT was a kind of place-holder – nothing substantial got better, and many things worsened. He is not a statesman, or even a effective conservative Republican, as he portrayed himself. He is an entertainer, especially of crowds who have lost their own way, a buccaneer-businessman (who may be about to lose his shorts). And it speaks most to our inattenion and gross lack of moral courage as a populace (and phoney 2-party politics) that we would fall for this chicanery (yes, i voted for him under the “lesser of two evils” anthem – but for neither varmit this time).


      2. We have no way out unless there is a wide-wakening in the Military from top to bottom and left to right, and there is a brave patriot leader who is willing to use military force to arrest all of those TREASON TRAITORS of both party and restore our country with true Sovereignty. I supported Trump but when I saw his truly face, he is nothing but a whore for the Jews and Israel. He MIGA, not MAGA. He used Americans to do the dirty wars for the Jews/Israel and he used our money to give them while our people lost their homes, jobs, insurances and become nothing and now they forced us into GENOCIDE VACCINATED US TO DEATH. All system is for their NWO and Jews/Israel the only sole beneficiary and the rest of the world will be their slaves or die in wars, hunger, famines, sickness, wargerm, and under persecution of the communists. Judaism is Communism. Their Talmud books teach that and the immorality is written and taught for thousands of years never changed. No wonder Jesus Christ condemned them “YOUR FATHER IS SATAN…”


      3. Centralized government is the problem. The only solution to centralized government is Anarchy, i.e a total lack of centralized government with governing rules being promulgated and administrated by small, unconnected, decentralized administrative bodies, overseen by a collective of individuals with direct, vested interest in the communities they serve.

        As long as there is massive centralized government with a small cadre of leaders, they will bought off, pressured and controlled by the moneyed interests and we all know who runs the global money machine – don’t we?


  2. “2020 Election Fraud, 81 Cases Where NO Evidence was Argued” >
    GatewayPundit(.)com > judiciary sedition

    HR-1 ~ End of Election Integrity Act of 2021
    voting fraud codified as legal


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