2 thoughts on “Meet the Highest Paid Federal Employee”

  1. Birx, so that’s how she has all those fancy array of scarves!
    Fauci, yep, about 33 years too long
    The whole lot of them should behanging their heads in shame…likely won’t happen tho’.
    I can, a little, imagine how all the recently-made poor of our labor force, business owners and their related dependents feel an ache of disgust and anger in the pits of their stomachs to hear this report.
    Thank you, Nancy, for this (remarkably repugnant) “Headlines”.


  2. 35.USC ~ 200 > BAYH-DOLE ACT of 1980 on Patent & Trademark Reform

    Bipartisan (bi-pirate) act by Birch Bayh (DINO) and Bob (on the dole) Dole (RINO)
    transfered taxpayer funded patent royalties from deposit in the US Treasury, to the appointed directors of federal funded research groups. Royalties up to 15% are placed in trust funds and distributed to heads of CDC, FDA, NIH and others. Del Bigtree estimates Faustian Fauci is collecting “royalties” on 3,500 patents he had no direct involvement in researching. Swamp funding for swamp rats.


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