Electronic Ankle-Bracelets for Everyone

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt has called for Britain’s government to use GPS tracking technology to ensure its citizens are complying with quarantine measures.

Under the law, citizens that re-enter the country are required to self-isolate for 10 days before leaving their home for any reason.

One thought on “Electronic Ankle-Bracelets for Everyone”

  1. So what I am hearing is that the British government is alarmed because they cannot track people to verify compliance with their draconian, prison lock-down society. Yet, somehow they know 75% of their prison population is non-compliant. If they cannot track them, how can they come up with a hard figure like 75% avoiding their present tracking system?

    I’ve heard this kind of nonsense before, many times. Remember those six million alleged, innocent, Jewish victims that died in German “death” camps curiously relocated from Germany as originally claimed, to Poland. A murder scene that changed venue, imagine that. Yet, experts failed to positively identify a single body or positively connect a single victim name to the fabled Holocaust. This despite an offer of $100,000 for a single verified name of a Jew that died in a gas chamber. No Jew came forward to claim that offer, imagine that.

    In case you missed the implication here, I’ll write it again – not a single, money-grubbing Jew scrambled forth to claim $100,000 for a single verified name out of six million claimed victims – not one. I’ll wait for you to imagine that. Yet millions of Jewish Holocaust “survivors” had no problem demanding billions in repartitions for their alleged Nahdzee troubles. Is not the problem obvious with these claims for hard numbers when there is no way to provide evidence for them?

    Do these claims sound similar? Isn’t it ironic that the Brits and their allies sacrificed the best and brightest of their cultures’ male population fighting a war with Germany that Britain forced upon Germany? A war to supposedly protect and defend their precious de-mock-race-y? And look at those “winners” now. Because they won, they now suffer repression under Jewish administrated governments that make that bad old Nahdzee Germany look like an outpost of freedom and well, de-mock-race-y.


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