3 thoughts on “ROBINHOOD Selling People’s Positions w/out Warning”

  1. It’s such holly-jolly time for to be alive!

    The hedge fund got the rights to save their poor invested short sells by taking the little guys ligament possessions. This is my guess.

    Sounds to me like another game that probably has been going on for along time.

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  2. Melissa Hodgman, wife of CIA/FBI hitman Peter Strzok is named new Director of Enforcement at the Securities & Exchange Commission > from MarketWatch(.)com > H/T the Aim4Truth alliance at Gab(.)com/Gabriels_horn

    Racketeering is more fun if it’s also incestuous


  3. Surely do not know anything about this tentacle of our madcap economy — sounds like some pirating going on to me? It says somewhere that the merchants of the earth will wail and cry out loudly when they see the end of their wealth and trade ended.


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