Escalating Shortage of Consumer Goods

Container volumes in the Asia-U.S. trans-Pacific trade have hit their limit. Massive port congestion in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is forcing ocean carriers to take extreme measures. Sailings are now being “blanked” (canceled) not because of lack of demand, but because of lack of tonnage as ships are stuck awaiting berths.

One thought on “Escalating Shortage of Consumer Goods”

  1. Corona again…still?! The Gate’s Mob just doesn’t give up. Not sure I understand all the business of the huge shipping conglomerates; does this mean a real short of the ChinaMart stores? Oh, dear…shall I imagine the mood folks will be in over that?! And just when we were promised stimulus checks, so we could, af least, enjoy a shopping spree?! Well, may be better to plant seeds. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headlines”.


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